Sunday, April 12, 2009

NEW ! Panfishing Floats / Bluegill Floats

NEW! NEW! NEW! Coming this April. Model 204-39
2.0 grams- 0.07 oz - 6.0 inches long
panfishing - night fishing float

Our growing popularity among sport fishing anglers initiated our company to increase sport fishing gear selection. Our company is recognized as a leader in custom float fishing manufacturing. We are committed to provide sport-fishing anglers with the most innovative fishing gear available on the market.

Dear anglers, customers – to continually raise the bar on excellence, this April - Bentley Fishing USA will introduce the next generation of night fishing and customized shy-bite detecting panfishing floats

Coming this April.

Look for special introductory savings and sales specials.

Bentley Fishing USA - new sport fishing forum sponsor

Bentley Fishing USA became a proud sponsor for sport fishing forum Bluegill Talk.

Fishing forum dedicated to bluegill fishing, crappie fishing and pure panfishing.

Visit our site for more information and see our extensive high quality sport fishing gear selection.

Bentley Fishing USA - The best sport fishing floats in America.

Always a cast ahead.

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