Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bentley Fishing USA - Custom panfishing jigs and ice fishing jigs

Bentley Fishing USA - Crystal pan fishing jigs are crafted from pure Wolfram (Tungsten). Tungsten has a melting point of 3410+/-20°C, boiling point of 5660°C. This metal has the highest melting point, lowest vapor pressure of the metals, restrain excellent corrosion resistance and contain colossal tensile strength. In conclusion, low vapor pressure, high melting point and corrosion resistance formulate Wolfram as extremely durable and environmentally friendly building block utilized in creation of our elite jigs.
The molecular structure of Tungsten holds one of the largest size to weight ratio of all metals. This factor allows our jigs to penetrate even the heaviest submerged waterweeds and drop the bait much quicker to the designated fishing spot. Our signature series jigs future high visibility environmentally friendly paints and varnishes featuring a large variety of Super Glow finishes and Genuine *Swarovski Crystals for increased exposure to all pan fishing species.

Note – this product is intended for professional use only – recommended by experts for professional anglers participating in sport fishing tournaments.

-Genuine *Swarovski Crystals- offer increased color radiation for maximum visibility in murky waters.
-Ability to dive much quicker to the designated fishing spot.
-Engineered for all pan fishing and Ice fishing applications.
-Largest size to weight ratio of all pan-fishing jigs.
-Available super high visibility Glow in the dark color schemes.
-Ability to penetrate submerged brush, grass and waterweeds.
-Promote and ideal aggressive presentation for hard – hitting panfish

*Daniel Swarovski, Swarovski, the Swarovski swan and the Swarovski logo, as well as Swarovski's product labels are protected trademarks or trade names of Swarovski AG.