Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bentley Fishing USA - NEW for 2009 ! Custom - Walleye fishing Rooster Baits

New for 2009
Revolutionary Polish Rooster Baits.
Designed by professionals for professionals

Enter the world of Pro-Series Polish Rooster baits. A world dedicated to the ultimate fishing experience and devotion to excel in performance. Experience Walleye, Bass and Musky fishing like never before with the original POLISH ROOSTER BAITS by Bentley Fishing.

Designed and fabricated exclusively for high quality tackle demanding anglers. Build from ground up for pure Walleye, Perch, Salmon and Musky fishing. These super effective fishing baits previously only used by demanding European fishing professionals and now they have become available to the American Angler.

This highly effective sport fishing product completely elevated effectiveness in Walleye fishing. Bentley Fishing Rooster baits are widely accepted as the finest Walleye fishing baits available on the market.

Bentley Fishing sport fishing Rooster lures and baits provide best possible stability and optimum control while fishing for predatory species in great variations of water depths.

Product Highlights

Built with the finest hand picked materials.

Produced with unrivaled attention to detail.

Individually inspected and certified to assure an optimum performance.

Designed and engineered to the highest industry standards.

Crafted with superb quality custom hand-tied skirts and equipped with super sharp treble hooks for precise hook sets.