Monday, April 13, 2009

River Floats - customer question

Customer question

Tom D. from Denver Colorado

“I use your Rox 6369 floats. I was wondering if you guys carry any floats that may be used for river fishing”-

Dear Tom and Bentley fishing anglers. We do carry an extensive selection of floats that are specifically designed for river fishing. The difference between Rox 6369 floats and our river floats is that the wide body shape of the Rox 6369 allow the current of the river to push it much quicker down the stream than our typical river float. The shape of the Rox 6369 may also be responsible for unstable swimming action in choppy and turbulent river waters. Our selections of river floats are specifically fitted with long super sensitive carbon composite stem that cuts though water and allow our river bobbers to drift much slower than any other floats on the market, as well as allow for extra stability and control in rough river waters

Our professional river floats are Expert 202-31, 202-58, 204-42

See our All in One 202-31 river/ slip/night floats

See our high visibility 202-58 river floats

See our 204-42 river floats

Bentley Fishing USA

1 comment:

Dae B - Michigan said...

Highly recommended product
Very flexible design that really work
Quality is #1 – I have not seen better looking floats on the market.
Thank you Bentley Fishing for excellent Salmon floats.

Dave B